Tasting day for our Etna Rosso DOC 2018.

The so-called “minor” vintages are often those that show the producer hand and give the greatest surprises over time, and this is what happening with our Etna Rosso DOC 2018.

The 2018 vintage was characterized by a very rainy August, which was followed by a September with below average temperatures and this slowed down the ripening of the grapes, while the large amount of rain thinned the skins and in some cases leading to breaking of the berries.

Our philosophy is to go along with nature and act accordingly: we have reduced yields, eliminating damaged bunches, to ensure high quality.

Today we carried out the samples tastings of our Etna Rosso DOC 2018 and we are very satisfied with the results that are emerging during the refinement.

Our Etna Rosso DOC 2018 Cosentino and San Teodoro are repaying our efforts and we are sure they will give great satisfaction.

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