Wines created
with love and respect for the land


The decision to create vineyards and a winery on Etna comes at a particular time in my life, in which much has altered at a personal level: a sort of milestone that marks a significant change. Producing high-quality wines in a zone that is very “trendy”, but also extremely competitive, represents a major challenge for me, and one that I intend to win.


Etna isn’t just a volcano.
Etna is “A’Muntagna”,
as those who live in harmony
with it call it…


Nerello Mascalese



The Wines

A bright and romantic pink wine, dedicated to those who love unconditionally

The experience and the dream of Etna every day, in a glass of wine

From a centenary vineyard historically cultivated ungrafted, a pure expression of the North side

The grapes for the production of our 100% Carricante wine come from the vineyard of Feudo Gabelle


I would like to leave my mark once again, producing a decidedly original wine, son of lava, rich in the energy that emanates from the volcanic soil from which it is born.

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“The terroir of Etna exercises such dominance that the project for the new winery will be an integral part of the landscape”

Vineyards and People

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