A few bunches but good: the green harvest of the Carricante

The green harvest, which consists in the targeted thinning of the bunches of grapes, often practiced right from the setting, is a very ancient agricultural practice; while in the past it was opposed by winemakers, today instead, the thinning of the bunches is a fundamental and strategic intervention in the production of quality wines.

This training practice, in fact, allows the vine to concentrate its resources on a smaller quantity of bunches so as to improve both the ripening and the quality of the concentration of the aromas in the remaining bunches.

Carricante is also a variety that tends, as the name suggests in Sicilian dialect, to produce abundant bunches… for this reason the practice of the green harvest is very essential, not to extinguish its exuberance but to concentrate it at best in our wine.

Observing every single plant and acting on the basis of its needs is a priority for us.