The Cellar

The terroir of Etna exercises such dominance that the project for the new winery will be an integral part of the landscape Michele Giannetti e Alessandro dal Piaz

In these few words, architects Michele Giannetti and Alessandro dal Piaz summed up their new project for the future winery, in which respect for nature and the environment will be the fundamental principles, and natural energy sources will be highlighted.

The new winery will benefit from an adiabatic cooling system thanks to the water and earth and the other natural elements that characterize the “green crater”: a sort of Arabian garden at the foot of a volcano!

A wind tower will create a natural cooling system, guaranteeing an ideal humidity and temperature for the maturation of the wines.

Thanks to a design that takes advantage of the natural slope of the ground, the vinification process will take full advantage of the force of gravity, so that rackings or movements of the must can be carried out without consuming energy and without harming the product due to the use of mechanical systems.

It will be a work of architecture in harmony with the environment and an artistic interpretation of the natural context:
a splendid tribute to the symbiosis that is possible between man and nature.

The estate also includes an ancient palmento, a vat dug into the rock that was used in the past for crushing the grapes and fermenting their musts: an echo of tradition methods that should not be forgotten.

The Project