Massimo Lentsch

I want to transmit
feelings through my wine;
those that I sometimes
cannot express in words. Massimo Lentsch

My wine represents the culmination of an entire year’s work in the vineyards- day in, day out – up to the moment of harvest and vinification, and then also of its years of maturation and evolution. This is a process into which, silently and with humbleness and dedication, I give my all, constantly seeking new emotions and experiences: those that a man needs in order to keep giving himself new goals. That is what wine gives you: a new objective to reach every year, and ever since I began to become interested in it and then to produce it, I have understood that it was above all this that I needed. Each vintage tells the story of the weather conditions and of the work carried out in the vineyards, but it also – and especially – speaks about me, because I transfer into every bottle my personality, my character and my willpower. That is why I decided to put my name on them.

The decision to create vineyards and a winery on Etna comes at a particular time in my life, in which much has altered at a personal level: a sort of milestone that marks a significant change. Producing high-quality wines in a zone that is very “trendy”, but also extremely competitive, represents a major challenge for me, and one that I intend to win.

I haven’t just turned up on Etna, with the presumption of having discovered something new. In the last 15 years I have had the opportunity of getting to know a lot of local producers, whom I respect, along with their wines. I’ve listened to their stories, and visited their vineyards and wineries. I’ve met the growers who work in the fields every day, the people who are an integral part of Etna’s food and wine scene, and I have observed the majesty of the volcano in silence, succeeding in comprehending the incredible richness and authenticity it succeeds in giving to those who live along its slopes. I have chosen to produce wine on the northern one, the most suitable for the winemaking project that I have in mind. With the experience behind me of a region that is volcanic in a different way, Lipari, I would like to continue looking for freshness and elegance, preferring good acidity to violent tannins and a high level of alcohol. Mine are not wines that cry out, but instead whisper emotions in a language with a musical sound, rich in those subtle details which, without forcing, I try to bring to the fore. Designed to be distinctive, they are products of viticultural milieus that have solid cultural roots, in which specially selected indigenous varieties grow in terroirs endowed with that age-old tradition that makes them original and unique.


Hospitality Manager

Barbara Manzotti

After 30 years spent in the magical world of tourism, visiting some really enchanting locations, Barbara has embarked on a new personal and professional voyage, now beginning to discover and experience a world that is equally fascinating – that of wine. She finds numerous similarities between a good glass of wine and a journey: both arouse emotions, transmit pleasant sensations, and leave unforgettable memories. After her first experience at Tenuta di Castellaro, where she dealt especially with hospitality, she jumped at the chance to meet another challenge on the north-facing slope of Europe’s highest volcano. Thank you, Barbara!

Sales & Export Manager

Daniele Sassi

Wherever you may travel, if you need advice about finding a good restaurant or wine store, Daniel is the man to ask. He has a profound knowledge of foreign wine markets and especially … he knows the people in them, those who are loyal and have expertise in our business. For this reason, after the work he did for us at Tenuta di Castellaro, we asked him – with the same meticulous approach – to introduce our wines around the world. With a degree in international communication and advertising, he is keen on rock and electronic music, TV series and wine culture.

Consulente Agronomo

Alessandro Zanutta

For over twenty years, our agronomist has gained knowledge and experience in various wine regions, both in Italy and abroad, starting off though from his Collio, where he still collaborates with some of the leading producers. His invaluable work as a consultant allows us to have an external, scientific observatory – rigidly following organic methods – regarding what is going on in our vineyards, with the objective of bringing in to the winery the very best grapes that Nature will have allowed us to cultivate. Good wine can only be made from good grapes.

Consulente Enologo

Emiliano Falsini

Thanks to his great experience in prestigious companies all over Italy, and because he’s in some way a Sicilian by adoption, it was soon clear that Emiliano had the perfect identikit for being our enologist for this project on Etna. . His broad knowledge, his precise working methods, and especially his ability to give clear advice using clear words, make Falsini one of the best consultants that a wine producer could have at his side at the beginning of an ambitious adventure like this one.

Capo Squadra di Campagna

Salvo Raineri

Leading our campaign team, consisting of the young individuals who work in our vineyards from the early hours of the morning, is Salvo Ranieri. As a specialist in the traditional Etna bush vine training system, Salvo jokingly considers himself a passionate master of this art. He is one of the true custodians of the secrets of viticultural agriculture on the slopes of Mount Etna.


We are committed to practicing a craftsman-like form of viticulture, taking meticulous care of every single vine, so as to give expression to all the nuances of our generous and complex soil. We interpret progress as an instrument that can preserve and enhance our natural surroundings, while maintaining their identity and their environmental and human wealth.


Our choices seek to highlight a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition that stands up to the extreme conditions that exist in volcanic areas: our vineyards, trained using the Etna alberello system and mainly of ungrafted vines, are real works of art that are in harmony with nature. Every vine is cared for in a meticulous manner, without herbicides or chemicals. In the winery we only use native yeasts and we do not fine the wine, thus preserving the original characteristics of the fruit.

Green Practices

All of the Massimo Lentsch wines adhere to organic and vegan protocols but, irrespective of certifications, our commitment is that of protecting the environment and the people who live in it. This is the real way to show respect for the region that plays host to us.