Randazzo: discover the village at the foot of Etna in Sicily


At the base of Mt.Etna, on the northern slope, raises the medieval village of Randazzo which looks like a real treasure set among a few crests around the volcano.

Here time seems to be standing still by upholding traces of a thousand-year history and its roots as far back as the 6th century BC, thus making it one of the oldest inhabited sites in Sicily.

Randazzo has always been playing a pivotal role as the gateway to Sicily since long time thank to its strategic position for the most important shipping lanes. Randazzo has also granted the title of “City of 100 Churches”, an epitome of both culture and religion wealth which have characterized its history. Many of these churches, testimonies of a glorious heritage, still standing out in the urban landscape, cradling tales and legends within their ancient lava stone walls.


What to see in Randazzo

Randazzo is not just an open-air museum of its own history but a true uncontaminated nature surrounded by three magnificent protected areas: the Etna Park, declared as world heritage site by UNESCO, offers breathtaking volcanic landscapes and endless adventures for nature and hiking lovers, the Nebrodi Park, a vast and wild nature reserve, enchanting with its woods and the breathtaking high panoramic views to end with Alcantara River Park, a hidden gem of gorges carved into the rock by the river that bears its name.

Randazzo boasts a prime position just 35 minutes away from the splendor of the crystalline sea and the timeless charme and elegance of Taormina to offer a unique experience that blends history, culture and nature in such harmonious union.