The 2022 vintage


The time has come to give an account of this 2022 vintage which kept us in suspense until the end due to a very hot summer. But let’s proceed in order…
The winter had been particularly rainy, unlike the spring which recorded little rainfall on all sides of Etna until May. However from the beginning to the end of the summer, the climate was particularly hot and dry and the significant heat waves recorded caused some concern. But the vines have tolerated water stress very well, enjoying excellent health which has led them to have perfect vegetative development and an optimal sanitary state of the grapes.

In mid-August, the arrival of the rains was decisive in the last stages of development of the bunches, allowing the grapes to reach an optimal technological, aromatic and above all phenolic ripening. The balance of this vintage is therefore certainly positive and makes us think that we will also have excellent results in the cellar, thanks to Mother Nature and our efforts!