The new cement tanks are coming… tailor-made!

For the future vinification and refinement of our wines we have chosen very high quality containers designed by our architect Michele Giannetti, the same one who designed the new cellar under construction in the contrada Calderara Sottana. These are tanks produced with concrete enriched with aggregates from the Brenta river, which give them thermal resistance characteristics that are unique in the world. In fact, the cement accompanies the fermentations and evolution of the wine following the seasonal trend of temperatures. This, in addition to guaranteeing concrete energy savings, above all avoids the risk of wine reductions.

Furthermore, these cement tanks, now technically advanced and covered in the internal walls compared to those of the past, guarantee neutrality in terms of the transfer of aromas to the wine, thus maintaining it in its absolute purity and integrity.

Being unique pieces, tailor-made to meet our production and space needs, they will make our cellar even more exclusive.