The North side and its Wines

In this pic taken in Randazzo at “Quota 1000” you can see a glimpse of the Northern side of Etna and the different soils of which it is composed: the clay soils of the mountains that slope down to the valley are contrasted by ancient volcanic soils rich in organic matter; these specificities contribute to characterize the sensorial characteristics of the wines produced on this side.
The North side is the one that hosts most of the winegrowers belonging to the DOC, thanks to its pedoclimatic characteristics favorable to viticulture such as the smooth slopes, the rigid climate that is mitigated by the mountain ranges of the Peloritani and Nebrodi, the remarkable temperature range and particularly the fertile soils that derive from the disintegration of lava masses, ashes and lapillus; these soils took form on the spot from lava flows, but there are also soils with different compositions that were transported by rainwater and which in certain areas have originated dark, deep and fertile sandy extensions.
The intertwining of all these factors combined with the ancient knowledge of the winemakers have made the North side a place of excellence for the creation of quality wines but above all typical of this area.