The traditional “Alberello” pre-phylloxera of Mount Etna, a living work of art!

As we know, the historical and cultural value of a community can also be understood by analyzing its food and wine history. In this sense, the ungrafted vineyard deserves a place of honor! Also known as a pre-phylloxera vines, they are plants that excite and fascinate because they are the only survivors of the blight caused by the fearful phylloxera insect, that put an end to the time when the vine was a single plant and the grafting was not necessary.
Today the examples of these unique vines are very rare and can be found in few areas of the world, usually where there are particular characteristics of the soil. For example, here on the northern slope of Etna, the sandy and volcanic soil has discouraged the presence of this aphid and today, hundreds of years later, we can still show you this beautiful vine of Nerello Mascalese!