Our first-time EVO olive oil production

Olive’s cultivation was introduced in the eastern area of the island by the Phoenicians since 1st millenium BC and to follow by the Greeks who colonized Katane (Catania) in 750 BC.

Etna volcano, whose many effusive manifestations were already well known in the ancient world, nourished the myth through which suggestive testimonies of the cultivation of olive trees in this area come from. History, the charm of both unique landscape and soil composition as well as volcanic activity, all of these combined, make the extra virgin olive oil grown on the slopes of Etna a highly appreciated typical product.

For all these reasons, but not exclusively, our farm felt the inspiration to create “a continuum” joint to the the desire to preserve old olive trees found in our plots (in the municipalities of Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo) and furthermore with the usual commitment in tending our practices following organic protocols.

Our first production of EVO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (soon available!) is a blending of local cultivars each ones has been milled within 6 hours from the harvesting. Blend is made up from Nocellara Etnea which gives medium-low yield in production and provides medium intensity fruitiness, then the Biancolilla, with such well refined taste so wide-spread to the western and central-eastern areas of Sicily, to end with Brandofino, also known as “nostrale” or “randazzisa”, late ripening (2nd half of October) with so rewarded identity both for biodiversity protection and antioxidant action. Last but not least, it goes well with the Nocellara Etnea technically basis, by giving a high-quality standards, pleasantness and versatility.