Agronomic pills from the vineyard

From tillage operation, made to improve the physical characters and biological substances of the soil, moving on to the art of pruning, key element for the vegetative-productive balance of vines.

Here today we want to make a room to the pruning activity even to highlight some of most precious aspects we directly collected from the fields!

First of all, it is important to choose the ideal interval for pruning (generally November – March) which takes into consideration the winter dormancy of the vines and so, by respecting their specific needs, even the geographical area as well as the age of the vineyard.

Futhermore, in adding to preliminary aforesaid aspect, what marks the difference is the approach applied by the vintner and his team.

Our choice is to implement a real conservative method to guarantee the proper flowing of lymph and keep preserved the vitality of vine plants.

The practice of making small wood carving, placing all the pruning cuts on one side and respecting the buds set, contributes to preserve the flowing of lymph in a correct way. In turn this helps to properly keep its substances accumulation.

Above mentioned details are essential for the production of high-quality grapes and also give to the plants the capability to resist even better to any kind of stress at environment basis and because of the climate change.

It’s a matter of fact the high care of all these operations play a decisive role to keep and increase the longevity potential of plants and in consequence the quality standard of grapes produced.