The cellar – Chapter 3: The roof

The end of this year is symbolically bringing such a high emotional moment to all of us at Massimo Lentsch.

If you notice the status of work in progress, you can see as it marks a very exciting step further actually as we have finally managed to building the roof cellar. There is still a lot to do in coming year, and prior the official opening, but works continue at a truly dizzying pace!

Respect for the environment joint to the valorization of natural energy sources, these are the guideline principles underlying the new cellar.

The winery will benefit from an adiabatic cooling system thanks to the water and earth and the other natural elements.

A wind tower will create a natural cooling system by guaranteeing an ideal humidity and temperature for aging of wine.

Thanks to a design that takes advantage of the natural slope of the ground, the winemaking process will entirely take place by using the force of gravity, so that all process of must transfers can be carried out without energy consumption, unless to say we will avoid any stress for the wine as it can suddenly happen with the use of mechanical systems.

Any goal for 2024?!  To achieve energy independence!