Randazzo, the Black City

Here is a shot of the characteristic town of Randazzo that hosts us, also called the “black city” to underline the fact that it is almost entirely built with lava stones. Randazzo is considered the city-symbol of Etna wine. The medieval village has very ancient origins; just think that the first evidence of human settlements dates back to the sixth century BC; for a long time it was considered the gateway to Sicily thanks to its strategic position that sees it at the center of three important areas: the Etna Park, the Nebrodi Mountains and the Alcantara river area at an altitude of about 765 meters s.l.m.
These particular pedoclimatic conditions make it such a suitable place for viticulture that the wines produced in this area have always been known for their elegance and originality, so much so as to give Randazzo the nickname of “City of Wine”.