The restructuring of our ancient palmento etneo.

Ours is an ambitious project and includes the renovation and enhancement of the ancient palmento etneo located in Contrada Calderara Sottana, where the new winery will rise.

Historically the core of the production for the Etna winemaker, the palmento was the structure where the vinification of the grapes took place.

The grapes were overturned in the “pista”, where a small group of men and women pressed them with their feet and, subsequently, the must ended up in the underlying vats by gravity.

The pressing took place in the “conzu“, the traditional press, with the aid of a large beam called “lignu i conzu” to which a large lava stone was installed that acted as a counterweight, at which point the wine aged into the large Etna chestnut barrels.

Our willingness is to keep these traditions alive and for this reason, although no longer usable for production, our palmento will be renovate in order to enhance its history.

Around it will rise a Wine Resort and a Bistrot, with our “lignu i conzu” which will result on a long table to bring back to the conviviality of the Etna harvest.

We can’t wait to lay the first brick.