Massimo LentschCarricante IGT

The grapes for the production of our Carricante come from some small sapling plots surrounded by the Nebrodi mountains and the Etna volcano, mostly located at about 600 meters above sea level. This gorgeous wine, elegant and rich in hints of citrus and Mediterranean herbs, takes the most from constant breezes that blow from the valley, guaranteeing significant temperature variations between day and night, allow perfect maturation and the enhancement of the organoleptic parameters of this ancient grape variety. Carricante is one of the most ancient indigenous Sicilian white grape variety which, after risking of extinction, has returned to the fore as the undoubted star of Etna Bianco DOC wines; in the past it was cultivated throughout the island, but today it can be mainly found in its chosen area, Etna, where it has been protected by a DOC since 1968.
Its ancient dialectal nickname is “u carricanti”, underlines the tendency of this vine to produce abundantly and generously, so much to fill the carts with grapes. A high fixed acidity, rich range of Mediterranean and fruity aromas blend perfectly with its lively salty final flavor, making a structured and elegant wine. Whirlwind of olfactory notes is not overwhelming but instead results as a fine and balanced wine, precise, with a structural intensity, that makes the wine perfect to a prompt drink as well as for long aging.